ANSYS 18.2: What is Discovery Live?

Date: 25.09.2017
Upgrade to Ansys 18.2 For experiencing the Huge change in Design World called “ANSYS Discovery Live”.


Ansys discovery live provides instantaneous simulation, tightly coupled with direct geometry modelling, to enable interactive design exploration and rapid product innovation. It is an interactive experience in which you can manipulate geometry, materials and physics, and instantaneously see 3-D results.


In every design department SIMULATION is must require the thing to ensure the safety of the product. To overcome this difficulty ANSYS launched a product called ANSYS DISCOVERY LIVE, in which we can directly simulate the design in real time. In one word if I want to describe DISCOVERY LIVE is “Revolutionary Change”.




In Ansys Discovery Live we can easily simulate different designs and also, we can find out the best solution for the different designs LIVE.

Discovery Live integrates its real-time simulation with a history-free modeller, SpaceClaim, which ANSYS owns. SpaceClaim is a modelling software offered from ANSYS which is really fast, easy and Interesting modelling software.


To use Discovery Live, the designer needs to specify only the inlets and outlets (for fluid flows) or forces and attachment points (for stresses):

  • The “Discovery” part of the name means that its extreme speed lets designers modify the design and discover in real-time how design changes affect the simulation.
  • The “Live” part of the name means the software is interactive and that the analysis is performed live, letting designers adjust pressures and stresses, and watching the system change.
  • By combining both we will get the FASTEST Discovery in an easy way.

The software makes assumptions for nearly everything, like velocities and temperatures, and then shows the results in a cross-section view, automatically so that designers don’t need to take the time to set them up. You can adjust the assumed values, of course.


Simulation Software plays an important role in the Design Industries. As you can see above simulation software in every step of design the thing required is Simulation software which is to validate our design or to check failure of the design.

Ansys Discovery Live is the best tool to design your product and also to validate your product almost live.

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