A 5 days training session at ITT Corporation at Vadodara

with the trainees and Mr Shwetal Shah ( Director & Head of Product Design and Engineering ITT Corporation India Technology Center)

On 11th of October 2019, Aspire Designs completed a successful 5 days training session at ITT Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. Vadodara.

A curriculum on ANSYS Structural Mechanics carefully crafted with the industrial needs in mind was delivered to the design team, in which the different aspects of structural analysis like Model Analysis for Natural Frequency, Static Structural Analysis with Static and Transient Conditions.

Furthermore, the aspects of the Thermal Conditions were taken into consideration also with coupled simulation for the Thermal Stress Analysis.

It was a great experience with Mr Anand Mistry (Director – Aspire Designs) delivering the lectures with in-depth knowledge to create a bridge between the simulation aspect of the platform and the real-life application makes the trainees understand and adapt the platform easily.